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Fedrick Douglas was a radical abolitionist. He knew that change would not work by: “changing the hearts and minds of those in power “. The tremendous need for change, as outrage morphs into the protest, The government is faced with creating legislation at the moment on time almost immediately. actionable issues: civil rights, happens when citizens motivated by the ”shock of events” encourages them to go to the streets. only by modifying the previously held views of politics, law, and the race will the USA receive real pragmatic change. We may be dealing with unfinished healing and unfinished justice. We must finish these issues or our country will be finished. Kent Norton copyright 2020. As a singularity approached the world exploded in the chaos and revolution.
A new bill in Congress: an inflection point as in 1921 there was a similar bill that was introduced just yesterday this bill was introduced. But it must be filibuster-proof
“How many roads must a man walk down before they call hi…
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I am coining a new word: ‘BRAIN WEATHER’ IT'S THE STATE OF THE HUMAN BRAIN, ITS NEURONS. connections and function. Weather is unpredictable, although  it can be guessed at with some certainty, there are just so many factors.

It is possible to ‘warm up’ the neurons through trans cranial neuro programming using  a headset.
Cerebral blood flow: no “medical empirical data” that would qualify under “medicine” yet:

Mean MCA and ACA blood flow velocities at rest, CV40, and CO(2) reactivity during hypocapnia increased significantly after GV20 acupuncture treatment, whereas mean arterial blood pressure and pulse rate at rest did not change significantly. The increases in MCA and ACA blood flow velocity were associated with improved CO(2) reactivity after GV20 acupuncture treatment.
The data suggest that GV20 acupuncture treatment increases cerebral blood flow. The results of this small- scale study provide preliminary evidence for acupuncture effectiveness.
Byeon, H.S., Cho, K.H., Jung, W.S., Kim, Y.S., Ko, C.N., Moon, S.K., Park, J.M., & Park, S.U. 2011.
Effects of GV20 acupuncture on cerebral blood flow velocity of middle cerebral artery and anterior cerebral artery territories, and CO2 reactivity during hypocapnia in normal subjects. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 17.…
We found that the cortex, via cortico-lateral-amygdala somatostatin neurons (CLA-SOM), has a direct inhibitory influence on the output of the LA principal neurons. Our results define a CLA long-range inhibitory circuit (CLA-SOM inhibitory projections → LA principal neurons) underlying the control of spike timing/generation in LA and LA–AC projecting neurons, and attributes a specific function to a genetically defined type of cortical long-range GABAergic neurons in CLA communication. SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT It is very well established that cortical auditory inputs to the lateral amygdala are exclusively excitatory and that cortico-amygdala neuronal activity has been shown to be involved in sound-driven aversive/fear behavior. Here, for the first time, we show that the lateral amygdala receives long-range GABAergic projection from the auditory cortex and these form direct monosynaptic inhibitory connections onto lateral amygdala principal neurons. Our results define a cellular basis for…

Donuts sugar another garbage that you’ll eat anyway but

Featured Articles in Internal Medicine IN THE NEWS The untouchables: 7 foods to avoid at all costsNaveed Saleh, MD, MS, for MDLinx | August 23, 2019 Many people consider themselves food experts. After all, we’ve all been eating food for our whole lives, haven’t we? But there are certain foods that are unhealthy, and it’s not always obvious which ones they are.

I’m always waiting this time it’s for Gidget. I don’t think she’ll show

waiting for Gigot
inspired by kenny deCamp