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Oxford English Dictionary, warp means “the threads which are extended lengthwise in the loom, usually twisted harder than the weft or woof, with which these threads are crossed.” Warp and weft together weave a fabric. Interestingly, this end result is sometimes referred to as the “web.”


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Break on through to the other side – mama song Jim Morrison is his birthday today 75
Jim Morrison's Bookshelf (78 books) queen of the highway 75 today Jim Morrison's Bookshelf (78 books) | Goodreads. he would have been 75 today. he lit a lot of fires for 27 years. 
His father was a naval commander and he was born in Melbourne Florida of all placesPeople are strange when you’re a stranger faces look ugly when you’re alone. I can relate to that. I saw Mr. morrison at the family dog in North Beach in San Francisco in 1969. I remember it well because I never really did the drugs and they say if you had a good time you probably can’t remember but I do I miss you Jim you’re a great guy and intellectual and I hope that people read some of your books that you loved.