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One of the equations that gves the wavefunction is the (one-dimensional time dependent to keep things simplier) Schroedinger equation, which has the form: i ∂ Ψ ∂ t = 2 2 m ∂ 2 Ψ ∂ x 2 + V Ψ i ∂ Ψ ∂ t = 2 2 m ∂ 2 Ψ ∂ x 2 + V Ψ Psi is the wave function, i is the square root of -1, x is postion, h-bar is the Dirac constant (or the rationailzed Planck constant if you like), t is time, m is mass and V (V(x) if you like) is the potential. If you were to make a measuremnt, the proabilty of finding the particle at point x at time t, P(x,t), is given by (if we assume that the wavefunction is normalized): P ( x , t ) = | Ψ ( x , t ) | 2 P ( x , t ) = | Ψ ( x , t ) | 2 



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